Kaluha Kyd


Foaled 4-22-10

AQHA 5285273   Sorrel Stallion



    Touchdown Kid (by Kid Clu)
  CK Kid  
    Just One Look Mr (by Mr Conclusion)
          Caribbean Kid    
    Ima Cool Skip (by Skipa Star)
  CJ Miss Cool Tardee  
    Miss Bunny Tardee (by Tardee Impressive)
    Mr Conclusion
  Im One Cool Mr  
    One Cool Angel (by Ima Cool Skip)
          Stagebird Carlee    
    Kahuha Ben (H 29.5, P 31 - AQHA Champion)
  Stagebird Camille  
    Impressive Sweet Bar

pictured September 2010:

pictured at 90 days of age:


pictured at 30 days of age: